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The need

A housing shortage has created an urgent demand for inventory.

We seek to capitalize on the supply/demand imbalance in the housing market with a strategy designed to repurpose urban infill real estate into residential development opportunities.

Bringing deep regional expertise to our selected markets, we seek to act as a supply-chain provider to the nation's best home builders.

We identify infill properties with high potential, assume control over them with purchase-and-sale agreements, entitle and design site plans for new communities, and finally sell the shovel-ready parcels to builders.

The 1-3-5 Path to Liquidity1

The first question many of our potential investors ask is: What are the expectations for liquidity?

We aim to provide a clear path to liquidity through our innovative investment structure. Because our funds include numerous properties in all stages of development, our projected schedule of returns is designed to begin the day your money is invested.

First distributions intended by end of year one1
Full capital return intended by end of year three1
Fund intended to go full-cycle by end of year five1
1 There are no assurances these results can be achieved. Prior performance is not a guarantee of future results. Time frames are based on the date the fund closes.
By the numbers

Some milestones we've reached

Years in business, with offices in nine regions across the country
Total transactions (and counting) across our funds
Homesites delivered to the market in our targeted metro areas
Active properties in our flagship strategies